Whether you are after a Gas Certificate, E-Safety Check, Blue Slip, wheel alignment and balancing or a comprehensive service for your car, 4WD, truck, tractor, mower or farm equipment, we can provide all of these services and more at Reimer's One Stop Auto and Tyre Shop.
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Gas Certificate


To sell a gas fuelled vehicle, or to alternatively have any type of gas work done on your vehicle, a gas inspection must be done and a gas inspection certificate issued if your vehicle passes. This will identify that any gas work completed has been done legally and safely. All gas related auto has to be undertaken by a company or individual holding a gas work authorisation. Reimer's One Stop Auto and Tyre Shop are accredited to handle all of your auto gas needs.
Wheel Alignment — Reimers One Stop Auto & Tyre Shop in South Grafton, NSW
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Wheel Alignment & Balancing


Wheel alignment and balancing is vital for the life of your tyres and for you and your family's personal safety. A wheel alignment ensures that all of your tyres are sitting perpendicular to the ground and also identifies whether your tyres are sitting parallel to each other, which is the correct position. This varies from a wheel balance, where the tyre is placed on a balancing machine and the heaviest part of the tyre is located, then counterbalanced on the opposite side with a lead weight.
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E-Safety Check / Blue Slip / Green Slip


For vehicles over 5 years old to be re-registered, they must undergo and pass an E-Safety Check, previously known as a pink slip. This inspection identifies any issues with your vehicle such as; making sure your tyres have a legal amount of grip, checking that your vehicle is not leaking oil or has excessive emissions. More detailed than an E-Safety Check (pink slip), a blue slip is a safety check for unregistered vehicles. While similar to an E-Safety Check, along with making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, it also highlights it will meet design and identity standards. In conjunction with the services we offer for your E-Safety Check and your Blue Slip, we can also supply a QBE Green slip for CTP insurance.
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Automotive / Farming Equipment/ Lawnmower Servicing


Whatever your servicing needs, Reimer's One Stop Auto and Tyre Shop can take care of your farming equipment, mower or vehicle repairs. They will make an assessment on whether parts need to be replaced, giving you the option of new or used (depending on availability) and for a vehicle, tractor or truck service- change the oil and oil filter, swap or clean spark plugs and also do a full engine tune, so it is running efficiently. If there is anything else you would like checked they are happy to do this.