Fleet Servicing


White Van — Reimers One Stop Auto & Tyre Shop in South Grafton, NSW
Reimer's One Stop Auto and Tyre Shop can handle all of your fleet servicing needs. As we are a supplier of tyres, batteries and spare parts, you get a faster turnaround time on your vehicle servicing, as well as better pricing on parts, mags and tyres. All of your fleet's requirements can be completed on the spot, from full logbook servicing to mechanical repairs, new tyres, balancing and alignment. Fleet Servicing at Reimer's One Stop Auto & Tyre Shop means less hassle for you!

Services on offer include:

  • Complete logbook servicing to manufacturers specifications
  • Tyres fitted, wheel balancing and alignment
  • Repairs and maintenance for exhausts, brakes, suspension and mechanical systems
  • Regular reports on the condition of the fleet to the fleet manager or controller
  • Full service guarantee on all work undertaken
  • We will happily tailor a program for your fleet's servicing requirements to your budget
  • Flexible booking arrangements for your fleet if an urgent issue comes up with any of your vehicles, as you are a VIP client with us