About Us

Reimer's One Stop Auto and Tyre Shop began operating in 1999, based on a vision to create a full service mechanical, mowing and farming equipment maintenance and parts specialist. The goal was for Reimer's clients to be able to drop their vehicle or machinery off to have any issue identified, repaired or replaced from the ground up in the one premises. To be able to accomplish this Reimer's developed an extensive range of services to offer their clients.

Services on offer include:

  • Selling new or second hand tyres which were then fitted, balanced and aligned
  • A full service with parts replaced or repaired from their extensive new and used spare parts range
  • Safety inspections, E- Safety Check, Blueslips
  • Gas inspections, installation, certificates and maintenance
  • Mufflers and exhausts checked, repaired and replaced if necessary
  • Brake and clutch maintenance and repairs
  • QBE Greenslips for CTP Insurance also available.

It is their ability to provide a one-stop-shop, in conjunction with Reimer's focus on offering expert assistance in a friendly, welcoming environment that is the secret to their success.

Reimer's One Stop Auto Shop